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It's About Time for Regulation, Certification, and Accreditation.

By Team Pulsara

The increased focus on quality in healthcare over the past two decades has inevitably resulted in more regulation, certification, and accreditation of hospitals and providers.

Today, many organizations serve as stewards of quality, helping us measure, benchmark, and ensure quality across the healthcare industry. They remind us how far we’ve come, and how far we have to go in achieving excellence in healthcare.

The Joint Commission is one such organization. Hospitals, in particular, understand that TJC accreditation is key for ongoing success. And those that wish to gain additional recognition or certification must meet requirements for disease-specific programs, including cardiac care, stroke, sepsis, and trauma.

Pulsara can help your hospital achieve its quality goals and meet TJC requirements that measure timely communication, effective care coordination, and clinical guideline-based protocols for care.  Pulsara’s communication platform enables rapid response and connectivity, empowering healthcare teams to deliver appropriate care, particularly when time is of essence.

Interested in seeing how Des Moines created a regional system of care using Pulsara and how others are improving quality in their regions?

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It's About Time.

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Team Pulsara

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