Bozeman, MT - October 9th, 2014 - Pulsara's Server 7 has just been released and is full of features that will enhance the user experience and, ultimately, patient care.

Highlights for EMS users includea new browser-based version of the Pulsara app, the ability to activate STEM and Stroke cases from any device with a modern browser, including Toughbook, and the ability to view the list of active patients across users' EMS agencies. 

"Yes, our mobile apps are awesome. And, although we think your smart device is a great fit, we understand that sometimes your EMS Agency already provides an internet connected Toughbook on the truck and says … 'we spent a ton of money on this thing, so you gotta use it,'" said Shane Elmore, Clinical Specialist at Pulsara. "Now that's no problem! From just about any computer, you can fire up your browser, log in, and activate a STEMI or Stroke patient."

Though currently only EMS and Admin users are able to log in to the app via the web version, Pulsara plans to implement this capability for all users in future releases. Other future features to watch for include the ability to upload images attached to both STEMI and Stroke cases and support for geolocation features in the browser to automatically select the closest hospital, calculate distance, and estimate ETA.


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Pulsara is a digital healthcare corporation located in Bozeman, Montana. Pulsara's mission centers on using mobile technology to enhance patient outcomes by improving communication and care coordination throughout the entire healthcare system. STOP STEMI and STOP STROKE standardize communication, reinforce benchmarks with the universal clock and provide instant performance feedback. Every clinician – from the paramedic to the ED, RN staff, Neurology, Cardiology and allied health – is on the same page with a simple tap. For more information, visit

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