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Pulsara Version 7.3 Includes New Stroke Score Capabilities, and Edits to Timer Panel and Alerts. 



BOZEMAN, MT -- FEBRUARY 20, 2018 -- Pulsara announced today the release of app version 7.3, which contains several user-requested enhancements and bug fixes. Details are as follows.


Pulsara now allows users to create Stroke Scores, Vital Signs, and Labs without selecting a Hospital. Previously, the app displayed an error alert to EMS users if a destination hospital wasn't selected when adding this info.

User feedback said that this didn't make sense in a lot of EMS scenarios where medics need to collect information earlier in the patient care process. 


Pulsara received feedback that the Last Known Well timer for Stroke was inconsistent with other timers in the platform, which was causing some confusion.

So now, all timers are HH:MM:SS, including Last Known Well.

Global Timer Panel Updated


Pulsara now triggers an alert rollover to email/pager when admin users send a test alert to a mobile user. This allows for easier configuration testing of primary alert rollover to email/pager.


Stroke Contraindications Tabs

The stroke contraindications page for admins is supposed to have three tabs: Default, 0-3 hours, and 3-4.5 hours. The 3-4.5 hour tab was missing, but has now been added in. 

Stroke Contraindications Dashboard

Gaze Deviation 0 or 1

Gaze Deviation question was modified to allow only a 0 or 1 answer when using the RACE score.

Previously, the platform had 0, 1, and 2 as options to what should be a binary (yes or no) question.

Stroke Score Race+

Other Changes

  • Pulsara improved logging when ETA is updated.
  • Previously, the images screen would shrink when scrolling through multiple images on iOS. This issue has been fixed.
  • Sometimes the app would freeze on the PIN screen. The problem has been fixed.


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