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Pulsara Version 7.2 Offers Full iPhone X Support [Press Release]

By Pulsara Staff



BOZEMAN, MT -- JANUARY 23, 2018 -- Today, Pulsara announced the release of version 7.2, featuring several user-requested enhancements and bug fixes. All changes are as follows: 


FULL iPhone X support

  • Now Pulsara makes FULL use of all available screen real-estate on the iPhone X.
  • Pulsara also made changes to better support the native resolution of all iOS devices so users can see more important patient info on any iPhone or iPad screen.
Pulsara on iPhone X

Date of Service

Pulsara now displays the Date of Service in the patient card so you can easily see on which day the patient care started.

Patient Card with Date of Service


In this version, developers changed the label "Preferences" to "Settings" in the navigation menu. 

Menu screen with Settings

Stop Times

7.2 changes "Time" to "Stop Time" in the stopped case summary card.

Summary Stop Time

Pulsara also added the "Stop Time" to a stopped stroke case that didn't have either Lytics or Intervention times set. Previously, the app didn't display any date/time field in this situation. 

Stroke Summary Stop Time

Android Image Uploads

The time has been increased for Android image uploads, which will allow for more reliable image uploads with spotty wireless data connections.

No More Double Notifications

The company fixed a bug which gave double notifications on iOS 11 while the device was asleep.



Got data?

The new release adds these columns to the tabular users report in the dashboard:

  • Pulsara Version
  • Device OS
  • Time Zone
  • Device Name

Case Activity Log Update

Pulsara also included an additional case activity log. The app now records when a person is either on call or force assigned to a patient, but was not sent an alert because no device ID was registered in the system. This will help to troubleshoot if someone doesn’t receive their primary alert.

Alert Rollover Pager Settings

With this release, the platform now allows hospital admin users to edit Alert Rollover to Pager Settings.

Email-Based Pager Systems and Pulsara

Users can configure an email gateway so that Pulsara primary alerts can automatically roll over to an email-based pager system. Users can contact Pulsara Support to enable this feature, or for help with initial setup. 

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