Oct. 14, 2019 - Bozeman, Montana - Pulsara recently announced the release of app version 10.9. Full release notes are as follows.


As a Pulsara client, you know firsthand that the clinicians we work with are an extremely inventive bunch, always challenging us to innovate further than before. Pulsara version 10.9 came about because of this exact client mindset. We listened to your ideas, and are happy to announce that we have improved Pulsara Video and VoIP calls.

But first! Did you know...?

You can already use Pulsara to make voice-only calls on devices that don’t have SIM cards, such as iPads, iPad mini, and other tablets.

This is how it works: 

    • From the Team Alerts screen, simply tap on the “Video” icon to launch a Pulsara call. 
    • When the receiver picks up the call, they can disable the video stream, therefore allowing a voice-only call to occur.  
Use Pulsara for VoIP Phone Call

10.9 Adds Speakerphone Privacy Enhancement

We further enhanced the Pulsara call experience with the ability to control the speakerphone. So, if you happen to be in an environment where PHI could be overheard by unintended parties, you can turn off the speakerphone for privacy purposes.

Speaker phone enhancement


Heads-up! We will be dropping support for the following operating systems.
If you’re currently running iOS 9 or Android 5.x, please upgrade your operating system, or reach out to your Pulsara Client Services Manager for help.

iOS 9 Support:
Pulsara 10.9 is the last version that will support iOS 9. We will drop support for iOS 9 in the next release of Pulsara.

Android 5.0 and 5.1 Support:
Pulsara 10.9 is the last version that will support Android 5.0 or 5.1. We will drop support for Android 5.x in the next release of Pulsara.

And, as always, reach out with any questions or concerns you might have.

Team Pulsara

Written by Team Pulsara

Team Pulsara is a diverse group of talent with a common purpose: To improve the lives of patients and caregivers through innovative communication.