BOZEMAN, Montana -- September 11, 2019 -- Pulsara announced the release of app version 10.8 today, which includes app patient card updates such as an Unknown field. The release notes are as follows:

Enter Unknown For Missing Info

We heard clinicians like you asking for a faster way to get information to the rest of your team with AS FEW TAPS as possible. We’ll see your minimalistic style, and raise you four patient demographic updates:

  • First Name: We added an Unknown option.
  • Last Name: Also added an Unknown option here.
  • Gender: We converted this from a multiple tap dropdown selection to a single tap option, and added an Unknown value to align with industry standards.
  • Age Modifier: We converted age units from a drop down selection to a single tap option.


For the first and last name updates, you can simply tap Unknown to allow you to quickly move on when certain patient demographics aren’t available. But don’t worry, it’s also simple to remove the Unknown value later once the information is on hand.

In Case you Missed it

iOS 9 Support
Just a heads-up that we will soon be dropping support for iOS 9. If you’re currently running iOS 9, please upgrade your operating system, or reach out to your Pulsara Client Services Manager for help.

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