BOZEMAN, MT -- January 10, 2019 - Pulsara announced today the upcoming release of app version 10.3. Full release notes are as follows:

Hello and Happy 2019! 

We thought we’d start this year off with a bang by announcing the release of Pulsara Version 10.3 - ZOLL ECG integration!

With Pulsara 10.3, EMS organizations have the ability to attach an ECG from ZOLL RescueNet 12-Lead into the Pulsara mobile application. This provides medics the ability to quickly share the original, high quality image of the 12-lead ECG with the rest of the team, for all patient types.

With this new functionality:

  • Medics can easily attach ZOLL 12-lead ECGs and share them with the hospital team from the field. This can be completed on new patients, existing patients, and recently stopped patients.

  • Hospital team members will be alerted when the ECG is attached by the medic, and can appropriately prepare for the arrival of the patient.

  • AND the original 12-lead ECG can be downloaded and integrated into the EHR record if that module is enabled. 

How do I get this cool feature enabled?

EMS Admins can turn the integration feature on whenever your organization is ready.

Changes All Users will Notice to the Platform in Pulsara 10.3

ECGs Button

A new ECGs button is visible to ALL customers regardless of whether the ZOLL monitor interface is turned on or not.

This allows us to categorize the ECG even if it's just an image, and will make reporting and exporting ECGs much easier for you.

Changes EMS Users will Notice to the Platform in Pulsara 10.3

In the EMS Shift setup, you now have the ability to select the Monitor for the device that you will use on your shift.

Setting this up in the shift tab allows that device to be automatically selected for the entire shift when using the ECGs button.

Attaching a ZOLL ECG is a Breeze

Tap the ECGs button

Monitor or Camera

Monitor Selection


There you have it — our ECG integration feature in a nutshell! As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns you might have.

Team Pulsara

Team Pulsara

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