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Pulsara Featured in Stroke Awareness Video by Virginia Mason Hospital, The AHA, and AMR [VIDEO]

By Team Pulsara

In the U.S. someone suffers a stroke every 40 seconds. As such, it's incredibly important both that patients and family members act FAST to get help, and that clinicians do everything in their power to reduce time to treatment as much as possible.

That's why teams like those at Virginia Mason Hospital and Medical Center and American Medical Response have switched away from archaic technology that breeds miscommunication and causes delays in treatment. Instead, using Pulsara, medics in the field can securely alert the hospital and include information like patient name and DOB, vital signs, and even pictures of the facial droop, so the ED can preregister the patient and activate the cath lab ... all before they even arrive at the hospital. 

Activating these systems of care ensures all team members are on the same page, and no information is missed. That means clinicians can focus on treating their patient as quickly as possible, rather than spending time making multiple phone calls, wondering when the cath lab will be ready, or trying to figure out if that missing team member got his alert.

For this year's #NationalStrokeMonth, Virginia Mason teamed up with Pulsara, the American Heart Association - Puget Sound, and American Medical Response to create the following video, which aims to raise awareness among the public about what warning signs to watch for, and how to act FAST when it comes to stroke. 

Thank you for all you do for your patients, Virginia Mason! It's About People. 

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