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Pulsara Releases App Version 5.5 and Server Upgrade

By Team Pulsara


Bozeman, MT -- Feb. 28, 2017 -- Pulsara has updated their platform and will be rolling out Version 5.5 in the coming days.


  • Single case PDF now exports using the Firefox web browser.
  • Physician's alert acknowledged checkmarks now automatically appear on the active patient screen when they acknowledge the patient via the patient list (instead of tapping on the notification).
  • A push alert is sent to all members of the care team when the ETA is updated by EMS.
    • NOTE: This was one of the top requested features from customers!
In addition to server upgrades, Pulsara is also releasing app version 5.5. Details are below:


Assigned Team Card

Version 5.5 adds a new Assigned Team card on the Inbound EMS and Active Patient screens. The change means that now everybody on the team can see the overall status for all of the groups assigned to a particular patient. Previously, users could only see status for Physicians on the Active Patient screen.

Changes to Patient Card

Designed to be intuitive and improve the user experience, the changes to the patient card include: 

  • “Details” button moved into Patient card header.
  • “Team” button moved to the Assigned Team card and changed to “Team Alerts.”
  • All things “team” related now have their own cards.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. 

Team Pulsara

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