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Pulsara Introduces App Version 6.1 [Press Release]

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Bozeman, MT – June 20, 2017 – Pulsara has announced the launch of their newest app version 6.1, which includes many feature requests from current clients. The company detailed the new functionalities in their release notes, which included the following. 

Highlights for Users: 

  • Manage On Call at Multiple Facilities for ALL Hospital Clinicians 
  • New Default Screen for All
  • My Patients tab
  • Passwords
  • Hospital Room Added for All Patient Types and Methods of Arrival
  • EMS Browser App Notification

Highlights for Admin Users:

  • New Administrative Abilities

Manage On Call at Multiple Facilities for ALL Hospital Clinicians:

With 6.1, ALL hospital clinicians (not just physicians) can manage their On Call status at multiple facilities.

For example, a Cath Lab or IR tech can use a single account at multiple hospitals. A clinician can even be on call at multiple hospitals at the same time.

New Default Screen for All

Based on user feedback that the Pulsara summary screen unnecessarily introduced an extra step, the company automatically modified the default screen of the Pulsara app based on user type.

My Call Status Screen
"EMS medics now see the New Patient screen by default. And since you are probably logging in to create a new patient, we just take you there! Simple," said Pulsara CMO Kris Kaull. 
Users who do not prefer this change can revert back by navigating to Preferences > Change Default Screen.

My Patients Tab

Until now, only physicians saw a My Patients tab on the Patient List screen. In 6.1, everybody will see the My Patients tab, which identifies all of a user's assigned patients as well as those which the users have received alerts for.  A Charge Nurse (or anyone responsible for inbound patients) can still see all active patients at their facility by tapping on the All tab.
My Call Status Screen


In an effort to protect users and their PHI, Pulsara has updated their password policies based on industry best practices for security. 

This includes a new streamlined Forgot Password flow. Users now have the ability to reset their passwords from the website by using the LOGIN button on (top right menu item). They simply enter their usernames to start the process and the site will guide users through the rest. 

Change PW App Screen

Inside App: Preferences > Change Password 

Hospital Room Added for All Patient Types and Methods of Arrival

Room number is now on all Patient Cards. And, with 6.1, Pulsara sends a push alert to EMS when the Room is set or updated prior to ED Door arrival.
Hosp Room EMS Alert

EMS Browser App Notification

EMS users now receive a notification when they create a case from a web browser and there’s nobody on call at the destination hospital.
No hospital EMS contact on call alert

A Few Other Changes

  • Users can now view activation time for EMS patients within the Mobile App.
  • Pulsara has renamed the CPSSS to C-STAT.
C-STAT screen
Patient details screen

New Administrative Abilities

  • Admins now have the ability to update Anticoagulants in the Manage Cases screen.
  • Pulsara now allows an EMS admin to add an additional EMS admin. Similarly, 6.1 allows an HSA to approve users at a Hospital.
  • Finally, 6.1 displays if an account is locked on the user dashboard.
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