As COVID-19 continues to spread, hospital resources are becoming more scarce. Limiting patient transfers between facilities can help ease strain on resources as well as reduce clinician and community exposure to the virus. 

But sometimes, patient transfers are clinically necessary. In those cases, time and efficiency of communications are key as hospitals strive to keep up with increasing patient volume and clinical demand. Instead of making multiple audio-only phone calls to complete a transfer, with Pulsara, facilities can communicate via live video calls, photos, messaging, and more. 


Pulsara's FREE COVID-19 package is 100% free and is flexible to accommodate any facility type, resources available, and specific COVID-19 management goals. 



If you're ready to more effectively manage transfer cases and help limit COVID-19 transfers to those that are clinically necessary, our teams are prepared to rapidly and remotely provide training and implementation of our FREE COVID-19 package. 



James Woodson, MD

Written by James Woodson, MD

James is a board-certified Emergency Physician, and is the Founder and CEO of Pulsara.