By using the Pulsara platform, North Cypress Medical Center is streamlining time-sensitive communications between EMS and the critical care teams within the hospital.

In emergency medicine, there are certain medical time-sensitive conditions that are literally “life or death.” Two of these emergencies include someone having a heart attack or a stroke. It’s during this critical window that the care must be coordinated and efficient. Unfortunately, outdated systems of pagers, fax machines, emails phone calls and proprietary equipment cause unnecessary roadblocks to efficient care.

Smartphones continue to play an increasing role in healthcare and now North Cypress Medical Center, in partnership with the EMS system, is using Pulsara – an innovative tool that runs on any smart device. Pulsara streamlines communications between the paramedics in the field and the hospital with its easy-to-adopt, HIPAA-compliant, platform.

North Cypress Medical Center is focused on providing value to their patients. This means increasing the quality of care while reducing costs. Pulsara is integral in this equation.

“Now that the EMS system and North Cypress Medical Center is united with a secure, but simple, platform that eliminates much of the chaos, they can focus their time on what’s important – taking care of patients,” said James Woodson, Emergency Department physician and CEO of Pulsara. “First medical contact to intervention in less than 60 minutes is the goal of NCMC. Pulsara will help them achieve that.”

A video demonstration of Pulsara can be found at www.Pulsara.com.


About North Cypress Medical Center

North Cypress Medical Center is a 175-bed acute care hospital located in Cypress (northwest Houston area), Texas. The hospital offers patients state-of-the-art medical care and technology in an upscale, five-star hotel-like atmosphere. Medical services include Cardiology, Critical Care, Emergency Care, Orthopedics including a Total Joint and Spine Center, Cancer care including Radiation Oncology, and Surgical Weight Loss. Visit our website at www.NCMC-hospital.com for more information.

About Pulsara

Pulsara is a digital healthcare corporation located in Bozeman, Montana. Pulsara's mission centers on using mobile technology to enhance patient outcomes by improving communication and care coordination throughout the entire healthcare system. STOP STEMI and STOP STROKE standardize communication, reinforce benchmarks with the universal clock and provide instant performance feedback. Every clinician – from the paramedic to the ED, RN staff, Neurology, Cardiology and allied health – is on the same page with a simple tap. For more information, visit www.Pulsara.com.

Team Pulsara

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