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Miami Valley Hospital Uses Mobile Technology to "Change the Game for Stroke Treatment."

By Team Pulsara

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Pulsara was featured in a news clip and article from Fox 45, a local Miami news station, as a service that could "change the game for stroke treatment." The article pointed out that during medical emergencies, every second matters -- particularly when it comes to stroke. "Time is tissue; brain tissue, that is," stated the authors.

Because the condition is so devastating, and every move the care teams make can cost precious time, Miami Valley Hospital has begun trialing Pulsara to make their emergency communications more efficient.

Pulsara has been shown to improve the time it takes to get a stroke patient treatment by up to 46 percent. And when faster treatment times mean better patient outcomes, that difference has major implications. Miami Valley Hospital is currently partnering with Jefferson Township, and Dayton and Riverside Fire Departments to trial the platform. 

Read the full article here.


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