BOZEMAN, Montana -- June 19, 2019 -- Today Pulsara announced the release of the latest version of the platform. The release notes are as follows. 


We listened to you and your feedback, and we have a new Pulsara release for you that’s as hot as the June sunshine! Each of the four features included in Pulsara version 10.7 is a direct result of requests from clinicians like you.

Read on to learn about changes to:

  1. EMS Acknowledgement

  2. A new stroke score (BE-FAST)

  3. A fixed password reset issue

  4. And an increase in the upper limit of the Weight field


1: EMS Acknowledgement

Hospitals and EMS organizations have both provided feedback that the current workflow with EMS Acknowledgement can leave a false impression that the hospital is ready for the patient. For example, sometimes the Cardiologist might acknowledge the alert from their EMS team, but the ER hasn’t actually prepared the room or bed yet.

Now, you can have complete control over which Team members can Acknowledge an EMS alert. Just work with your Pulsara Client Services representative to get this set up.


2: New Stroke Score (BE-FAST)

Several of our clinicians have adopted a variation of the Cincinnati FAST Stroke Scale, called BE-FAST - Balance, Eyes, Arm drift, Facial droop, Slurred speech, and Time. 

Pulsara version 10.7 now includes the BE-FAST score as an option right in the platform.


3: Password Reset Issue FIXED

Some of you have been having issues with the “Reset your password here” link, where it wasn’t working as designed with certain email clients on older Windows machines. But fear not, we have squashed that pesky bug! Reset away.


4: Increased Upper Limit of the Weight Field

Occasionally, your teams were seeing patients above the current upper weight limit of 299kg. We felt the weight of that shortcoming, so we increased the upper limit to 999kg, which translates to an upper limit of 2202 lbs.


One last thing! What iOS version are you using?

Just a heads-up that we will soon be dropping support for iOS 9. If you’re currently running iOS 9, please upgrade your operating system, or reach out to your Pulsara Client Services Manager for help.


Until next time,

—Team Pulsara

Team Pulsara

Written by Team Pulsara

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