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How Australia is Stopping Stroke Fast with Innovative Communication

By Shawn Olson

“Every nine minutes a person in Australia suffers from a new or recurrent stroke. The growing burden of stroke care around the globe highlights the need for advances in treatment, particularly rapid identification of symptoms and quick delivery of definitive care.” 

EMS World recently published an article describing how “Australia is employing new technology to improve stroke coordination and care.” We're honored to say that this new technology is Pulsara!

The article describes how there are limitations to linear care and how this can cause unwanted delays specifically with communication and moving the patient from one area of care to the next. With stroke care, this is not an isolated problem that only affects the US, but is recognized throughout the world.  

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As the article mentions, Australia has been implementing system wide guidelines for stroke care and this has dramatically reduced some of these limitations.  With these efforts and the use of Pulsara, specific areas of Victoria have seen dramatic time savings in their stroke care. This congruent thinking and process implementation have made great strides in the region.

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“In preliminary data presented at the Paramedics Australasia conference, the median time from a patient’s arrival at the hospital until their initial CT scan was cut in half, from 46 to 23 minutes. Median door-to-needle time decreased from 111 minutes to 78, a 30% reduction.” (Bagot KL, Cadilhac DA, Bernard S, et al. Improving acute cardiac and stroke treatment times by streamlining multi-disciplinary communication: Preliminary results for the Pulsara App Pilot. Poster presentation at Paramedics Australasia International Conference, 2017.)

We are keeping our eyes on Australia and are very proud to be working with such amazing teams at The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, Ballarat, Bendigo and Ambulance Victoria.

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Shawn Olson

Shawn Olson

Shawn is a Client Services Specialist whose experience creating and selling data acquisition equipment for electrophysiology uniquely qualifies him to work both in software development and in customer support.

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