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Closing the Gap Between Great Healthcare in Theory and in Practice

By Team Pulsara

Jump into the way, way back time machine with us, if you would, to the beginning of the new millennium. It was a much different time for sure. So many industries were on the verge of a paradigm shift, including healthcare. The National Academy of Medicine raised an important red flag about - and focused public awareness on - patient safety, or the lack thereof.

You see, there was a substantial gap between what we know to be good healthcare and the healthcare that people actually received. With the newfound awareness came an important call to action - healthcare policymakers, providers, regulators, purchasers and organizations needed to make fundamental changes to the system to close the quality gap as quickly as possible. 

Quality measurement and performance reporting have driven accountability and improvement across our healthcare system. Patient safety is one of the many areas addressed with these measures, and providers are even more invested - and increasingly held accountable for patient outcomes. Today, measurement is much more complex and comprehensive, as moving to value becomes a priority for healthcare systems. 

We now have the Quadruple Aim to guide these efforts. Which of the four categories is your health system falling short in? Pulsara can help. 

Pulsara Quadruple Aim Final

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