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Navigating Constant Change in an Increasingly Innovative World

By Alison Bruns

Regardless of your generation or occupation, the rate of change in the world around us is exploding exponentially. From technology to education to organizational structure and culture … there is no way you can escape change in nearly every aspect of your life.

After reading that 70% of change efforts fail, it is no wonder that individuals and organizations try and try again. Perhaps that is the new American motto: if you don’t succeed, keep on keeping on until you do.

How do you keep up?  Do you have that one person in your life that has to school you weekly on the latest slang, Netflix show and restaurant opening?  Unfortunately, we often don’t have that insider access within the organization we work for. How do you keep tabs and adjust within an organization that is part of the constantly changing world? Can you feel security and consistency in your company culture amongst the craziness of new technologies, processes, and objectives?

Some personalities are certainly more drawn to and equipped to deal with change, but the forecast shows that we must all become proficient at managing change in order to best navigate our jobs and happiness within an organization.

So we've come to terms with it: change is here to stay, especially in this age of rapid technology growth. What we can control is our approach for trying to minimize failure from our change efforts, both personally and within our organizations. Here are a few of my favorite tips:

  • Be flexible, even if it hurts. Some may just cringe at the idea of not having a predictable, defined path or plan that doesn't change, but you can certainly change that mindset, especially when it doesn’t affect your personal life. Control the things you can, and let go of things you cannot.
  • Remind yourself and your team(s) that processes, faces, duties, etc. are not stagnant. Really nothing in this world is and that's what keeps life interesting and progress moving forward. 
  • Remind yourself what motivates you - regularly, and obviously. Tape a statement on your bathroom mirror, car door, or on your desktop. Find your why. 
  • Talk about possible and real obstacles, more than your feelings about them – address the issues at hand, and save your venting sesh for your spouse or bff.
  • Know that Change is Hard and Stress is Okay!  Many people actually stress out more about having stress, which affects them more than what the actual stress would cause. Avoid this by trying to focus on the present -- what steps are needed right now? Know that future you is also equipped to handle whatever additional burden change might present at that time. 
  • Accept the past, but fight for the future – if you are lucky enough to work for an organization like Pulsara, where you truly have a voice, don’t give up on things YOU would like to champion for change. Make your voice heard so that the inevitable changes that are coming will be more aligned with your visions and goals.
  • Know that we’re all in the same boat.  Use your support system at work, at home, at the gym … we are all in this changing world together.

What tips do you have for managing change at work? Let us know! 

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Alison Bruns

Alison Bruns

Alison lives and breathes Human Resources, and spends her free time researching what makes employees tick.

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