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Catholic Health Improves Communication Between EMS and ED With Pulsara

Medics treat a patient in the ambulance, doing video call with doctors using Pulsara

Editor's note: This is an excerpt from an article originally published by WGRZ.com on October 11th, 2022. Read the full article here. 

BUFFALO, N.Y. — Catholic Health has started using Pulsara to help EMTs [and paramedics] better communicate with the emergency room, and says it may save time, especially when seconds count.

Pulsara is installed on a [first responder's] smartphone or tablet, allowing them to engage in real-time consultation with emergency room doctors and nurses to triage and assess patients while they are en route to the hospital.

"Traditionally, EMTs have phoned into a number directly to the emergency room, but sometimes if the doctor is not there, or tending to another patient, the nurse has to go find them," explained Lori Dufrense, who oversees all of the emergency rooms in the Catholic Health system locally. "This way, not only are the doctor and the emergency room staff notified, but so are the cardiac team if it's a heart attack, or the neuro team if it's a stroke patient."

The platform not only allows first responders to transmit patient data but also allows for live video consults right from the ambulance.

According to Dufrense, it's already proven useful.

"There was a recent night when we had two patients arrive within seven minutes of each other having heart attacks," she said. " So, the team was able to communicate to the interventional cardiologist in one conversation with each patient and they were able to determine who needed to go to the Cath lab first, he was able to review their [ECGs] because they can take pictures of the [ECGs] and send them directly to the interventional cardiologist."


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A new study published in the British Medical Journal found that the use of Pulsara led to shorter timelines in the care of patients with suspected stroke and STEMI. Check out the details here. 

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