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Shane Elmore, RN

Shane Elmore, RN

Shane is Pulsara's Vice President of Clinical Innovation, and is certified in CCRN, CEN, and CFRN. Shane is a former Chest Pain Coordinator at Trinity Mother Frances Health System.

Posts by Shane Elmore, RN

Leadership: Six Ideas for Increasing Efficacy and ENJOYING Your Role

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   April 2, 2015


It’s lonely at the top.

Yes, it was a long way from the top of the corporate ladder, but there are two things I know for sure: 1) I was in a leadership position and 2) I...

Change: How to Leverage its Power for a Better Workplace

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   March 24, 2015


“The only people who like change are wet babies.”

-- Mark Twain

How true is that statement? If you’re looking for an enemy, just go and change something. I wish it were...

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