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Shane Elmore, RN

Shane Elmore, RN

Shane is Pulsara's Vice President of Clinical Innovation, and is certified in CCRN, CEN, and CFRN. Shane is a former Chest Pain Coordinator at Trinity Mother Frances Health System.

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Inside the Mind of a Stroke Program Consultant [PODCAST]

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   October 4, 2017

What if you could get inside the mind of a Stroke Program Consultant who helps hospitals and EMS systems get ready for certification (through the Joint Commission, for...

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Accountability Isn't Optional When it Comes to People's Lives.

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   September 27, 2017

If you missed my previous blog post about my recent hospitalization, then I encourage you to go back and give it a read. This post serves as part two of  my...

How a Small Miscommunication Nearly Cost a Life: A Firsthand Account

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   August 30, 2017


If you've been following our blog for any amount of time now, you've heard us refer to the "communication crisis" in healthcare. Occasionally, those of us who work for...

The First Two Rules of Technology in Business ... and How Pulsara Broke the Second

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   July 28, 2017

Listen to this post on the go with Pulsara's new Podcast!

"The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will...


All Hospitals Are Not Created Equal: Choosing the Wrong One Could Cost Patients Their Lives

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   February 14, 2017

We make decisions all day, every day. Most of them are taken care of in our sub-conscience, and we don't even have to think about them. But others decisions are more...

Why We Need to Focus on Women this Heart Month [VIDEO]

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   February 9, 2017

Happy Heart Month!

As common as heart attacks are, there are some misperceptions around who is vulnerable. I suppose we've asked for it through over-dramatization in the...

Leaders: Don't Confuse Communication with Engagement.

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   January 26, 2017

Here at Pulsara, our entire focus is on communication. When things break down in healthcare, the root cause is almost always a breakdown in communication. This...

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your EMS Trucks' Old Flip Phones

By Shane Elmore, RN   |   January 3, 2017

I love my job, and I have the privilege of working with some amazing people around the US. But naturally, we are sometimes met with challenges from teams who haven't yet...

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