Pulsara Server 97 Release focuses on updates to the Admin role. Specifics are as follows:


In an effort to simplify (one of our core Pulsara values), we are combining the functionality of the HSA and HA user roles and retaining the name "Hospital Admin" for all users with administrative access. The Hospital Admin role can now access multiple facilities from a single admin account, and all HSAs will retain access to their previously assigned facilities.



Hospital Admins can now view device details, team details, call status, and user information for all team members on Pulsara, including other Admins and end-users.

Admin Dashboard | Manage Users


You can now invite additional Admins using the same process you’re already used to for setting up other new team members on Pulsara. Once you’ve invited them and they’ve created an account, any hospital or EMS team member can be promoted to an Admin. Just know that you can’t give them permissions that you do not have yourself.



Before now, you needed two separate Pulsara accounts to log into the web-based administrative dashboard and mobile. With Pulsara 10.10, you can use a single username to log into both web and mobile as an Admin. That means no need to remember multiple login credentials. Additionally, you can now be an Administrator for multiple hospitals in your or other health systems.

One caveat:

It’s not currently possible to have two active sessions going at once — meaning if you are logged into web and then log into mobile at the same time, you will be kicked off of your original web session until you log back in. We know that some clinicians regularly run multiple, concurrent sessions, and until we are able to provide a fix, we recommend those people still maintain two Pulsara accounts. 

Also, note that all existing Admins will need to set their own PINs and be assigned to a team before they can log into mobile. Going forward, users promoted to Admin will get a PIN during the signup process.



Heads-up! We will be dropping support for the following operating systems.

If you’re currently running iOS 9 or Android 5.x, please update your OS to a current version or reach out to your Pulsara Client Services Manager for help.

Please spread the word to your fellow colleagues that they will not be able to use Pulsara if they are on an unsupported operating system.

iOS 9 Support:

Pulsara 10.9 was the last version that will support iOS 9. We will drop support for iOS 9 in the next release of Pulsara.

Android 5.0 and 5.1 Support:

Pulsara 10.9 was the last version that will support Android 5.0 or 5.1. We will drop support for Android 5.x in the next release of Pulsara.

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