By using mobile-first technology, one hospital connects resources and clinicians in real-time for consultation, collaboration, and human connection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

March 19, 2020


BOZEMAN, Mont., -- Pulsara recently announced they are offering their healthcare communication platform for free for COVID-19 management. While Pulsara is commonly used by EMS agencies, hospitals, counties and regions for time sensitive emergencies, its flexibility also allows healthcare communities to manage COVID-19 resources and patients.

According to Dr. James Woodson, Pulsara's Founder and CEO, "Pulsara has seen widespread implementation of the COVID-19 package. Specific use cases for managing the virus have varied for each facility based on local resources and specific goals."

Today, Pulsara released details about how one of their hospital clients is currently using the COVID-19 package.

While uniting care teams around time-sensitive STEMI and Stroke patients is the facility's primary use of Pulsara, the hospital recently discovered another critical patient population at hand as they became the epicenter of COVID-19 in the United States.

The hospital procured Pulsara last year as a regional solution for creating a single channel to facilitate communication around any patient event. As mortality rates and the number of critically ill patients in isolation climbed due to COVID-19, staff needed a solution to facilitate care for this vulnerable and restricted population, while also minimizing exposure and mitigating the spread of the highly contagious virus.

"While considering how we would respond to COVID-19, it occurred to us that we could use Pulsara to facilitate communication and care through the barriers of COVID-19 isolation," said the hospital's Executive Medical Director. "Dynamically building care teams and leveraging the power of live video minimizes risk and facilitates care."

The team knew they had little time to define treatment protocols for this new population of patients and were hopeful that they could lean on the innovative technology leveraged for their other patient populations to overcome these new challenges. This prompted the facility's Stroke Program Manager to build a Pulsara "Resp Iso Team" in order to conduct HIPAA-compliant video conferences for COVID-19 patients within dedicated Pulsara channels.

"As we speak, there are families getting to see their loved ones in CCU and saying prayers with them thanks to Pulsara," the Stroke Program Manager said.

Within these channels, Pulsara's live video is now being leveraged to facilitate care conferences for high-risk patients while limiting exposure to the highly-contagious virus. Most importantly, the hospital's innovative approach allows families and loved ones to stay connected during this time of turmoil and uncertainty.

"Because of Pulsara, we have the ability to give our patients access to what they want most during these scary and painful times: family support," said a Pulmonologist at the hospital. "Coordinated through our clinical team, the family is able to communicate with the patient in a safe, HIPAA-compliant way. Some of our patients are facing palliative care at this point, and nothing matters more in those circumstances than love and support. Pulsara enables that."

As the condition and surrounding circumstances have continued to evolve, the hospital has urgently prioritized the health and safety of every patient and staff member. Alongside the hospital teams, Pulsara sends their greatest condolences to the patients, families, and loved ones affected by COVID-19.

Pulsara's COVID-19 package can be used to mitigate patient surge, limit transfers to clinically necessary cases, protect clinicians and other patients from unnecessary exposure, help preserve personal protective equipment (PPE) and facilitate communication with outpatients in medical isolation. EMS and healthcare organizations who need a secure, HIPAA-compliant way to communicate with teams — both internal and external to their organizations — can sign up here.

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Pulsara is a healthcare communication platform that connects teams across organizations. What makes Pulsara unique is its ability to enable dynamic networked communications for any illness or injury. With Pulsara, clinicians can add a new organization, team, or specialist to any patient event, dynamically building a care team even as the patient condition and location are constantly evolving.

Simply CREATE a dedicated patient channel. BUILD the team. And, COMMUNICATE using audio, live video, instant messaging, data, images, and key benchmarks. Studies report an average decreased treatment time of nearly 30% when using Pulsara. Pulsara is the evidence-based standard of care. For more information, visit

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