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How Virginia Mason Hospital Teams Improved Patient Safety and Quality of Care [WEBINAR]

By Hannah Ostrem

Simply being able to get the right message to the right care team members in the right amount of time can be an incredibly convoluted process in today's healthcare world. Worse, the lack of a reliable system of communication causes hundreds of thousands of medical errors every year.

On Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 from 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm CT, Virginia Mason Hospital's Rea Berg — Director ED/Observation Unit — will be joined by Pulsara's Clinical Specialist, Forrest Winslow, in a live webinar hosted by Becker's Hospital Review. 

In this webinar, Forrest will speak with Rea to learn how her team transformed patient care through better team communication. 

You can also expect to learn:

  • What is a regional system of care?
  • What problems were the hospital experiencing that made the need for a better communication system apparent?
  • What did they do about it?
  • What have the results been, and how can others repeat the process?

Register for the webinar right here!


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Hannah Ostrem

Hannah Ostrem

Hannah holds a Master's degree in Neuroscience and a Bachelor's degree in Psychology, which she uses to analyze and interpret the peculiar behaviors of the rest of the Pulsara marketing team.

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