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Driver's License Scanning: A New Way to Enter Information in Pulsara

scanning a driver's license with pulsara

When first encountering a new patient, you have a lot of information to quickly relay to the rest of the care team. Thankfully, you've got the patient's driver's license, so that's one hurdle already overcome. But now comes the challenge of quickly entering all this information and passing it along to the rest of your team. 

But if you're using Pulsara, not to worry: we'd like to share with you a new feature that can make this process easy. Key identification data from a US driver's license can be automatically scanned into the patient channel using Driver's License Scanning. 

When starting a new patient channel or updating an existing one, providers can now select the option to scan the barcode on the back of any US driver’s license. Within seconds, the app will populate the patient's name, age, date of birth, and gender into the patient channel on any Pulsara-supported mobile device. No more having to enter all that information manually; with Driver's License Scanning, you can fill those fields instantly. 


Driver’s License Scanning will reduce the burden of manual data entry, while simultaneously increasing the accuracy and reliability of the data entered. Once the patient's information has been added, you can focus on communicating your patient's condition to the rest of the team. Driver's License Scanning will also make the patient registration process easier, as all of the information can already be found in Pulsara. 

Next time you're starting a Pulsara patient channel and have your patient's driver's license handy, give Driver's License Scanning a try. You'll be thrilled with how much time you save on data entry, allowing you to pass along detailed information AND spend more time caring for your patient. 


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