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How much data does Pulsara consume?

Oct 18, 2022

The answer depends slightly on an individual’s personal habits when interacting with the app, the device camera, and which Pulsara modules you are using. In addition, no personal data is consumed when on the hospital or ambulance Wi-Fi, and most users will have all or at least part of the case while connected via the hospital or ambulance Wi-Fi.

There are three main activities that consume data and all other actions are near negligible.

  1. Uploading or viewing an ECG consumes approximately 1 megabyte.  
  2. Using the video calling feature will approximately use 100 megabits per minute.
  3. Leaving the device on the active patient screen for a long period of time consumes some data secondary to keeping the screen updated.    

Some typical examples:

  • EMS can activate a STEMI case with an ECG with about 1.1 MB and a new stroke case with about 0.0005 MB.
  • A hospital user can follow an EMS initiated STEMI case that includes receiving the EMS alert, viewing an ECG once, activating the entire team, and monitoring the case to completion with about 1.3 MB.
  • A hospital user can follow an entire EMS initiated STROKE case that includes the EMS alert, activating the entire time, and monitoring the case to completion with about 0.0555 MB.  
  • Most hospital users using the video calling feature will not see any data usage as long as they are using WiFi, but if you are using cellular, you can expect to use about 100 Mb/minute.  

A good rule of thumb, users can typically follow an entire case consuming 0.001-0.1 MB of data PLUS about 1 MB every time they view or upload an ECG.

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