Inter-Organization and TEAM Communication Have Never Been More Important. 

As confirmed COVID-19 cases grow, NOW is the time for facilities to take critical steps in preparation for the management of the pandemic in their communities.

Pulsara is committed to helping your community step up to meet the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic by offering a HIPAA-compliant, video-enabled platform that can be accessed on any smart device for an unlimited number of users.

Don’t implement a solution that you won’t be able to use once HIPAA regulations are no longer relaxed for COVID-19.




By facilitating networked communication (including live video and messaging) across organizations and teams, Pulsara can help your community during the pandemic by mitigating patient surges, helping manage transfer cases, minimizing exposure to other patients and clinicians, facilitating conservation of Personal Protective Equipment, and securing communication for outpatients in medical isolation (quarantine).




Below, we've laid out several ways you can use Pulsara to help your teams manage COVID-19 patients. Your teams can choose to use the platform for ANY combination of these goals, or all. 

Regardless of the specific goals your facility holds, Pulsara is simple to use and works the same for all interactions. This can be summarized in the diagram below, where clinicians simply start dedicated patient channel, add internal teams or a patient as needed, and then either stop the case, or add another organization to consult with or transfer to. That organization can then add unlimited other organizations, teams, and individuals to that patient channel.

As you'll see in our more specific scenarios below, each blue box can represent any type of healthcare organization from EMS to medical control to a nursing home, urgent care center, or hospital. Pulsara provides value to patients and caregivers whether a single organization is using the platform for internal communication, or an entire interconnected system of care is formed around the patient channel.



Interaction #1: Emergency Operations Center/Medical Operations Center

  • Leverage live video and messaging for medical control scenarios, transporting only the patients who absolutely need to transport to the hospital.
  • Mitigate and manage patient surge.
  • Limit clinician exposure and preserve PPE.
  • Load balance in region.



Interaction #2: Consults and Transfers Between Facilities

  • Instead of simply using audio-only calls, clinicians can now leverage video calls, photos, messaging, and other multimedia tools to evaluate the patient and determine the appropriate disposition.
  • Can enable routing through medical control or direct to receiving hospital.



Interaction #3: Prehospital Notification

  • Through early notification, Pulsara allows teams to adequately prepare for COVID-19 patient arrival, limiting exposure to clinicians and other patients at receiving emergency departments.
  • Hospitals can opt in to further manage ED and inpatient stays.



Interaction #4: Within Your Facility

  • Leverage provider-to-provider and provider-to-patient live video during evaluation and management in ED and/or inpatient stays.
  • Build the patient's care team with a tap, and easily add other team members as needed when the patient’s case evolves.
  • For Provider-to-Patient interactions, leverage the patient’s mobile device to further limit clinician exposure and preserve PPE.
  • Secondary to restrictive visitation policies, leverage provider-to-family secure video calls.
  • Continue to monitor patients in the outpatient setting.


    See how one facility is using Pulsara for COVID-19 management.

Interaction #5: Secure Provider to Patient Video Calls

  • Add a patient and approved family members to the dedicated patient channel. Instantly send them a text invite to download Pulsara Patient.  Clinicians can now place secure video call to them with a tap.
  • Convert unscheduled audio calls to video calls in under a minute.
  • Works for established and unestablished patients as well as approved family or other individuals.
  • Outpatient, Emergency Department, and Inpatient applications.

Put it all together.

Below is an example of how some of our current health systems are leveraging Pulsara for COVID-19:



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