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Pulsara’s New ED Availability: Matching EMS Demand with Hospital Supply

By Kinsie Clarkson on Mar 02, 2022

What if EMS could “see into the future," having access to critical details about a hospital's ED availability status—such as whether it was at capacity during a mass casualty event or whether its CT scanner was down—before they even reached the hospital? If EMS knew a hospital's ED availability ahead of time, they could quickly reroute their patients to the closest alternative available care, saving precious time for patients and care teams.

Now, they can. 

Introducing Pulsara's newest feature: ED Availability.

With this new feature, healthcare facilities and EMS agencies can now access ED Availability information directly from the platform. Specifically, critical details about a hospital’s capability to accept patients can be easily updated by each facility and will appear to EMS and Ambulance crews when choosing a destination. This means improved decision-making for EMS and faster, more efficient care for patients in their most critical moments. 

When EMS providers start a new patient case in Pulsara and go to select their destination, they'll now not only be able to see the available facilities in their area—they'll also be able to see the hospital's emergency department availability status, updated in real time by the facility. 

ED Availability allows healthcare facilities to post status updates about their Emergency Department's availability directly to the Pulsara platform. Hospitals that enable ED Availability can update their status in a matter of seconds by switching out their icon and/or adding a brief comment. Read on to learn more!

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