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About Pulsara

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Imagine the following recipe: 

  • 1 PART Country Music Fan
  • 1 PART Youth Ice Hockey Coach
  • 1 PART Skier
  • ¼ PART CPR Instructor
  • ¼ PART PALS Instructor
  • ¼ PART PHTLS Instructor
  • ¼ PART GEMS Instructor
  • 96 PARTS Diet Pepsi 

What do you get? SCOTT THEN! While you may not think Scott is Keto-friendly (and you’d be right!), he is the perfect concoction for making a difference in the world.

Scott has been a paramedic since the late 1990’s after working as an EMT for a handful of years. Scott’s background as a flight paramedic coupled with 7 years in medical sales and marketing makes him a perfect fit for Pulsara as a Regional Client Development Specialist (RCDS).

Why Pulsara? In his experience, Scott was plagued with the recurring (and systemic) breakdown in healthcare communication. When researching viable solutions, Scott stumbled upon Pulsara. He was so blown away the vision of Pulsara, he solicited Pulsara for an opportunity to join the team.

And we couldn’t be happier.  In our opinion, Paramedic Scott is the cherry on the top.

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