Dale Pearson


If you overhear the following phrases, chances are you're in the vicinity of Dale ...

"Win big or go home."

"Do common things uncommonly well."

"Talk less and listen more."

"Take your work seriously. Not yourself."

Dale Pearson loves challenges like most people like candy. And, that's been the cornerstone for his life.

Coach soccer for over ten years? CHECK.

Proficient speed reader? CHECK.

Co-Create a SaaS Tech company in Homecare and EMS? CHECK.

Raise a loving family? CHECK.

Dale was the first Pulsarian to introduce himself to the team through a series of photos including one of him and his family playing boot hockey league (BHL) on their backyard pond in Duluth, MN.  FUN FACT: Duluth, Minnesota is actually north of the majority of Canada’s population!

His other photos enlightened the team about his affinity for chili cheese dogs and iced tea, and his greatest passion: his wife, Carla, of 35 years, their 4 sons, 2 daughters-in-law, and 6 grandchildren.

When Dale isn't playing BHL, enjoying a chili dog, or coordinating a Bible Institute in Africa via his church, he can be found in his favorite office chair, a "Big Joe" beanbag, where his best ideas are spurred.

In case all of that wasn't enough, Dale co-founded Sansio, which developed and supported a proprietary homecare software solution, HomeSolutions, and an emergency medical services data collection, reporting, and medical billing system, HealthEMS. Starting with a staff of two, Dale organized a fully functional, highly efficient, profitable business with a team that eventually consisted of over 70 employees when acquired by Physio-Control in 2014!

It's this unique combination of skills, life experiences and corporate leadership that makes Dale the perfect fit as President of Pulsara.

When asked "why" he chose to join Pulsara, Dale said, "The product is great. But the people of Pulsara are even better. I am humbled to work alongside this team."

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Dale on LinkedIn.