James Woodson

Founder & CEO

As Founder and CEO of Pulsara, James Woodson, MD, FACEP, leads the company and the healthcare industry as a whole into the future of innovative care team communication and collaboration. 

James is a Board-Certified Emergency Physician whose passion is to serve. After completing his Emergency Medicine specialty training at Carolinas Medical Center, James joined Leading Edge Medical Associates (LEMA), providing patient care at the Good Shepherd Health System in the Longview, Texas area. While practicing, he experienced the communication difficulties we face in healthcare in diverse settings from rural critical access facilities, all the way to major metropolitan tertiary care centers. This experience inspired him and his team to found the healthcare communication company Pulsara. 

Today, James serves as the Founder and CEO of Pulsara, a telehealth communication platform that connects teams across organizations to create systems of care that scale. Allowing clinicians to securely connect with each other in real-time, Pulsara also assists public safety, emergency managers, and the healthcare industry with COVID-19 preparedness and response plans.

James also founded and previously directed the Alpine Compassion Clinic, which provides free preventative care to those in need in the East Texas Community. He’s also been instrumental in educating future physicians through associates with LSU Health Sciences Center and UT Health Sciences Center.

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with James on LinkedIn.