Hannah Ostrem

Senior Director of Marketing

Alternative title: Resident Neuroscientist-Marathon Runner-Craft Beer Connoisseur-World Traveler.

Why you won't want to be invited for dinner: Hannah's love for spicy food knows no bounds, and she has been known to make Thai food so spicy, her friends describe it as "face melting."

Where she came from: After receiving her Master's degree in Neuroscience from Montana State University, Hannah was looking for a temporary position while she figured out her next move. She started at Pulsara shortly after graduating. That was in 2013. 

Nerdy superpower: She's currently LOVING getting into the technical weeds on everything SEO. Winning snippets and taking names! 

Hannah's Unfair Advantage: With her analytic brain and quick wit, Hannah brings science to the art of Marketing. 

Favorite Pulsara value: Grit. 

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Hannah on LinkedIn.