Marla Lauterette

Director - People and Culture

As Director, People and Culture, Marla brings over 26 years of operational HR leadership experience to the Pulsara team.

A Human Resource Executive, Marla’s journey has led her through the diverse terrains of startups, high-growth tech companies, and global financial services organizations. As a trusted Strategic Business Partner to corporate executives and business leaders, Marla has a reputation as a creative and dynamic leader known for her knack of injecting creativity and energy into every project she takes on.

At Pulsara, Marla's dedication to people and her wealth of experience come together seamlessly. Her responsibilities span a wide spectrum, from tackling insurance and legal intricacies to orchestrating benefits administration, staff training, leadership development, and talent management. 

When Marla isn't passionately weaving People and Culture into Pulsara's strategic tapestry, she finds joy in collaborating with her husband on DIY projects in their charming 1906-era home. Camping adventures, gatherings with friends and family, and nurturing her garden are also among her cherished pastimes. And let's not forget her flair for cooking, appreciation for a fine single-malt, and the green-thumb magic she brings to gardening!

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with Marla on LinkedIn.