Rey Lencioni

Office Assistant

Alternative title: Junior Associate of Creative Swimming

She's just getting started: Rey is a recent high school graduate undergoing the process of choosing which college to attend fall 2020 where she'll start her journey towards becoming a physician. Most recently, Rey worked as a receptionist and patient care personnel at the local Costco Optometry Office.

Why she chose Pulsara: As Rey works towards becoming a physician, she's kicking off her career in the field by first working with a company that helps them communicate. She's looking forward to gaining new skills and an unmatched experience that she can take with her into the future. Oh, and it's a great chance to work with her mom, Pulsara's COO, Cynthia Bradford Lencioni. 

How she spends her free time: Rey enjoys spending time outdoors, but when she's not outside, she can be found watching The Office or playing with the family puppy, Smokey.

She can out-swim you: Rey has been competing as an artistic swimmer/synchronized swimmer since she was five years old and loves anything involving swimming or being creative. 

Favorite Pulsara value: Grit.