Matthew Kauffman

Senior Software Engineer

"Born on the planet Krypton, Matthew's only weaknesses are hungry, sleepy, and ruby." — the legend himself, Matthew Kauffman.

His strengths, you ask? How long do you have?

Matthew's wit and entrepreneurial spirit bring a wealth of unique experiences perfect for the development team.

In his spare time and humanitarian vision, Matthew's builds software tools to facilitate his wife Chelsea's sociological research projects. The couple enjoys thinking about the methodological possibilities that technology allows in social science research. He also loves to read Norse myths, philosophy, and anthropology. And, he is passionate about e-sports, and is currently rooting for the Dota2 team "Evil Geniuses."

Professionally, Matthew has a wealth of experience in building web applications both at large organizations, as well as his own startups.  More importantly, he loves craft beer.

Matthew currently serves as a Senior Software Engineer, a position which his 17 years of software development experience have prepared him for. In his prior roles, Matthew created custom web apps, working for RightNow and Oracle, where he focused on core service scalability, and in a position where he developed software for ad fraud detection.

When asked why he wanted to work for Pulsara, Matthew asked: "Who doesn't want to work on something that makes the world a better place? Who doesn't want to work with such an amazing team of people?"

 We couldn't agree more.

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Matthew on LinkedIn.