Matt Gilbert

Senior Software Engineer

What were you doing when you were 11? Matt Gilbert was starting his training for his life-long career in coding, a job which he still also counts as a hobby. His other passions include fixing four wheel drive vehicles (usually after he breaks them himself), hiking and backpacking, and occasionally noticing his guitar in the corner and thinking "I should actually practice playing that thing."

Here at Pulsara, we have a tradition of hiring new employees whose names already exist among the Pulsara Team. So, as Pulsara's second Matthew, as well as our second Gilbert, (oh and we also have a Matthews!), we knew instantly Matt would be a great fit.

Before coming to Pulsara for its "relaxed environment, but still very driven toward success" and its "great group of people who care about how the product makes a difference in healthcare," Matt spent 13 years leading teams to build healthcare applications.

Prior to that role, Matt drove a tow truck, because there's "nothing wrong with the occasional life detour!"