Marla Lauersdorf

HR Director

Alternative title: Executive Assistant to Wolfie**, Cat Herder in Training.

What competition you'll lose to her in: BBQ and chili cookoffs! Marla has been competing against her three brothers for her whole life, so you better prep your bib and napkins!

How she got here: A Human Resources executive, Marla has 20+ years of experience in multiple corporate environments, including start-ups, high-growth technology firms, and global financial services organizations. As a trusted Strategic Business Partner to CEOs, corporate executives and business unit leaders, Marla has a reputation as a creative leader able to drive major projects and initiatives both inside the organization and in the community.

Physically, Marla got here (to Bozeman, MT, home of the Pulsara HQ) via cross country road trip from her previous home of Florida! In November of 2016, she decided to make the drive, having never been to this part of the country. Just four months later, Marla moved to Bozeman, knowing that she felt like she was truly at home in Montana. 

The Personal Connection: Marla was attracted to Pulsara because she believes in the mission and knows first hand how valuable our services are -- Marla's mother passed away from Sepsis in 2016.

Favorite Pulsara value:  Servant Leadership

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with Marla on LinkedIn. 

**Wolfie is Marla's trusty dachshund, who has a "serious napoleon complex and severe overbite."