Luke Davison

Senior Software Engineer

Luke is a Bonnaroo-going, outdoor-loving, beer connoisseuring, technological genius. When he's not cooking up burgers on the grill despite below-freezing temperatures, Luke can be found working as a Senior Developer at Pulsara, where the team was lucky enough to be able to snatch him up after he had been working at RightNow Technologies for over 9 years. 

During his time at RightNow, he worked in various roles including Architecture, Product Development, and Professional Services, where he designed and produced custom software solutions for a plethora of customers.

Luke has always had a passion for developing software but got his start in the Telecommunications industry. Throughout his career, he has been fortunate to work with a wide range of platforms and languages, contributing minorly to his aforementioned genius. Seriously, there's nothing Luke can't tell you.

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Luke on LinkedIn.