Kyrie Dawson

Test Engineer

Alternative Title: Chief of Crafting, Baking, Acting, and Singing

She's Had Some Serious Schoolin': Kyrie learned to read very quickly and completed kindergarten and first grade in the same year, which bumped her ahead in all of her schoolings. After finishing high school at 16, Kyrie headed straight to Lewis & Clark College, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor's Degree in Mathematics. Since she completed her degree in just 3.5 years, she spent her extra semester traveling in Europe before walking with her class. 

Why She Chose Pulsara: Kyrie spent a long time researching different companies. Knowing she wanted to work somewhere that was doing unequivocal good, Kyrie found that Pulsara more than fit the bill! After being especially drawn to Pulsara's mission and team values (especially Grit & Simplicity), Kyrie could tell from the beginning that Pulsara was the place she wanted to work. The more she researched Pulsara, the more it became apparent that Pulsara prioritizes teamwork and support. Caring deeply about community and knowing that Pulsara would be a positive learning environment, Kyrie was hooked. She was excited to learn more about test engineering as an intern and, loved it so much, that she's now a Test Engineer with Pulsara!

Why She Has a Song for Any Situation: After graduating, Kyrie spent a year nannying in Seattle, where she delighted in painting, playing, and singing with kids. She loves seeing the world through the eyes of children! Kyrie also spent time privately tutoring middle & high schoolers during her undergrad years in Portland.

She's Got Acting Chops: Kyrie has a lifelong passion for theater - of which she almost minored in and can usually be found at a rehearsal of some sort after work. Her favorite semesters at Lewis & Clark College were those made up exclusively of math and theater classes. Her two favorite roles to play? Juliet of Romeo & Juliet and as an ensemble member in Silly Moose Improv for kids! Kyrie enjoys being in the audience, too, and loves attending the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, OR. While living on the West Coast, she often managed 2+ trips a year to see various shows throughout the theater season. 

And LOVES to Bake, Craft, and Stay Active: Kyrie can make homemade yogurt, bread (that she bakes almost daily), chocolate chip cookies, curry...you name it, she'll bake it! She's also a big fan of card-making, embroidery, and candle-making. Since moving to Montana, Kyrie has taken up yoga and loves spending time running, hiking, and backpacking in the fresh mountain air. 

Favorite Pulsara Value: Grit. 

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with Kyrie on LinkedIn.