Kris Kaull

Chief Marketing Officer

More comfortably regarded as the “Chief High-Five Officer,” Kris Kaull is responsible for the buzz (and brawn … and beauty … well, not really brawn – he’s modest, we swear!) of Pulsara.

Kris Kaull is a serial entrepreneur with nearly 25 years of experience in public safety – both as a clinician and business professional; lending a unique perspective and vision to the industry. Kris is regarded as one of the leading national experts in online media and public safety as well as funky socks. He's worked as a firefighter captain, paramedic, ambulance service director, and continues his practice as a critical care helicopter flight paramedic covering rural Montana and Yellowstone National Park. 

In 1999, just around the time that Al Gore invented the internet, Kaull created paramedic.com and, in 1997, co-founded EMS1.com (now the largest online paramedic resource) before transitioning to his current role to help launch Pulsara as the Chief Marketing Officer. Kris regularly presents on topics ranging from technology for first responders, current clinical issues, and leadership; all with a focus on the importance of human connection.

This background merges his degree and corporate expertise in the realm of technology and education, making him an integral part of the Pulsara executive team. You might even say that Pulsara's decision to hire him was a very good "Kaull."

When not creating companies or saving lives as an “angel from the sky,” Kris can be found outside enjoying the mountains, hanging out with his family, enthusiastically performing Quality Control checks on tacos  … or researching his never-ending quest to be more flexible so that he can some day be a ninja.

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Kris on LinkedIn.