Kris Kaull

Chief Growth Officer

Kris Kaull has driven innovation and positive change in EMS for nearly 30 years.

He combined his love for EMS and technology, developing new information sources and platforms that improve patient care and EMS operations. Today, Kris is regarded as a leading expert in EMS, healthcare, online media and technology.

After beginning his career as a firefighter and EMT, Kris started paramedic.com and then co-founded EMS1.com, which today is a leading online paramedic resource. He's worked as a firefighter captain, paramedic and ambulance service director and, most recently, practiced as a critical care flight paramedic covering rural Montana and Yellowstone National Park. He is the Chief Growth Officer at Pulsara, a healthcare communications technology company. As Pulsara’s CGO, Kris leads the company’s efforts in expanding market reach, partnership development, and overall strategic business growth. 

Kris regularly speaks and writes on topics ranging from technology to current clinical issues to leadership — all with a focus on the importance of the human connection. He’s known for his TEDx talk “Creating Calm Within Chaos.” As a dad of 2 and a husband of 1, Kris is a budding polymath (or is an epistemophiliac?) who is continually on the search for trivia, life hacks, and great dad jokes. He enjoys the outdoors and wishes he could spend more time in the mountains skiing, mountain biking, and climbing.