Kinsie Clarkson

Marketing Communications Coordinator

Alternative title: Princess of Song, Writing, and Random Facts

Before She Came to Pulsara: While working on her Bachelor's Degree in English Writing and a Music Minor, Kinsie served as a peer tutor in the MSU writing center. Kinsie enjoys writing so much that she also spent a year as an Editorial Assistant for the undergraduate research journal Young Scholars in Writing. 

Why She Chose Pulsara: You know what they say about the wand choosing the wizard? Kinsie is grateful Pulsara chose her. In Kinsie's words, "It's not very often that you find such a fantastic company made up of brilliant, wonderful people who are trying to save the world (and maybe take it over in the process). Pulsara is the real deal." (Funny enough, the same could be said about her!)

She's a Writing and Music Fiend: Kinsie's passion for writing has led her to complete two NaNoWriMo's (participants write a 50,000-word manuscript during the month of November for National Novel Writing Month) and read through countless novels. She plays the violin and fiddle and even played with the MSU Symphony for four years, and toured in Ireland!

Why You'll Want to Vacation with Her: Two words: Disney World. You can ditch the guidebook for this trip. Kinsie is the Disney Insider you never knew you needed. Not only does she have an "unnatural obsession with Frozen and fireworks" (of which Disney has a lot of), Kinsie also spent 8 months working as a cast member in the Magic Kingdom, the Tiki Room, and on the Magic Carpets. Oh, and she's spent 13 nonconsecutive hours riding the Haunted Mansion. We think it's safe to say Kinsie is now Pulsara's go-to for all things Disney! 

One More Thing:  If you hang around Kinsie, be prepared to hear some random facts you may not have asked to hear or be convinced to try her latest crazy idea. 

Favorite Pulsara value:  Integrity, but the other three are a close tie for second. 

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with Kinsie on LinkedIn.