Julie Burgan

Senior Test Engineer

Julie is crazy about animals — particularly bulldogs, whales, pigs, and elephants. She has been on two safaris (so far), and fosters baby elephants in Kenya, as well as volunteers at a Pigs Peace sanctuary!

And if you couldn't already tell, Julie is an avid globe trotter— she circumnavigated the globe in just 23 days, spending time in 3 distinct climates and cultures (Norway, Tanzania, and Japan). She has also checked 45 states and 14 countries off her travel bucket list, all while continuing her never-ending search for the ideal grilled cheese sandwich, perfecting her mosquito impression, and trying— but failing— to learn how to raise one eyebrow (she can wiggle her ears though— a skill perhaps acquired from all that time spent with piglets?).

Julie holds a Master's degree in Computer Science and worked as a Java developer before joining RightNow Technologies/Oracle, where she worked for 14 years, providing CRM customer support, fixing broken PHP customizations, and eventually, finding her love of QA testing. In fact, she can’t help but QA most things she interacts with (impossibly small print on aspirin bottles, poor user interfaces on airline entertainment apps, you name it).

Julie first heard of Pulsara shortly after her dad had a bad stroke and suffered from the LACK of Pulsara’s software. He was rushed to hospital #1 where they drew blood with difficulty before rushing him to hospital #2 where they tried to draw blood again. Her family was aghast when they learned the hospitals didn’t share that information and instead wasted precious time repeating the procedure. Thankfully, Julie's dad made a full recovery, and Julie found Pulsara when researching a solution to this poor communication in healthcare.