Greg Brown

Regional Sales Manager - West

He floats like a butterfly. He stings like a bee. He's Greg Brown! 

Meet the former competitive boxer who also has a penchant for hiking, fishing, weightlifting, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Oh, and watching 80s action movies with his wife. 

Aside from the aforementioned talents, Greg is also an accomplished nurse who has been in medicine since 2007. One of his favorite parts about this journey, which led him to his current pursuit of a Master's of Nursing degree, was working closely with EMS in his role as a Charge Nurse. 

Because of this close relationship with EMS, Greg is especially excited to be joining team Pulsara since he knows just how critical fixing the field-to-hospital communication problem is. Now if only he could use those boxing and jiu-jitsu moves to fight off pagers once and for all! 

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Greg on LinkedIn.