Forrest Winslow

Sales Manager - Northeast

Forrest Winslow has an extensive clinical career, beginning in 1985 with his work in EMS. Adding to this expertise, Forrest has also worked as an RN in both the cath lab and emergency department and has served as the Improvement Officer for his local fire department. It was in this role that he discovered his love of data and performance improvement.

Forrest considers himself a Resuscitationist whose primary motivation is to provide maximally aggressive curative and palliative care to his patients – always. 

When he’s not bringing all of this expertise to current and prospective customers at Pulsara, Forrest can be found cooking for his large family or friends. He also enjoys spending time in the garden and caring for his dog.

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Forrest on LinkedIn.