Eric Barnes

Senior Software Engineer

Eric is a senior software engineer with a passion for all things programming. His love for computers started in grade school with the iconic Commodore 64 (that was highlighted in great shows like McGyver, Airwolf and Police Academy) and Apple IIe. What 80's kid never played Oregon Trail during study hall?!?

As a child, he taught himself BASIC to make adventure games in order to impress his friends. And it worked, he has LOT of friends.

Since then, Eric's been hooked on programming and pursued his passion in education studying computer science at the University of Montana.

After graduation, he spent the following decade building high-quality, professional software solutions for Windows desktop, web, and mobile applications. Most recently, he led a team to build — and successfully release — iOS apps for Schedulicity, an online scheduling company based in Bozeman. Shifting gears from scheduling to the healthcare world, Eric brings that same level of success to Pulsara, ultimately simplifying the lives of clinicians.

When not writing code and connecting to the Twittersphere, Eric is playing guitar or out hiking in the beautiful Montana wilderness. Haven't been to Big Sky Country? Take a look at some of Eric's amazing Montana photography

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Eric on LinkedIn.