Eddie McDaniel

Senior API Engineer

Alternative Title: Executive Coffee Roasting Problem Solver

His Past (Professional) Lives: Eddie's got 19 years of software engineering experience under his snorkel mask. In that time, he's co-founded a start up, designed and built designer focused CMS at SiteWrench, built the RightNow (RightNow Technologies) Service Cloud from the ground up, and stayed on with Oracle as a senior manager after the company acquired RightNow. 

Why He Chose Pulsara: Eddie wholeheartedly believes in Team Pulsara. He is excited to join in on Pulsara's mission to unite and empower care teams to improve the health care process by simplifying care coordination. Eddie looks forward to working for a company that has such a direct and profound impact on individuals' lives. 

Where You Can Find Him: Eddie is on the eternal search for the next best cup of coffee and often experiments by roasting his own beans. He enjoys (yes, for fun) watching horror movies and reading science fiction/horror novels. When he's not in a spooky mood, Eddie can be found exploring the land (hiking and skiing) and sea (snorkeling). 

Rapid Fire: Eddie married his wife of 16 years after they dated for three weeks, loves spicy food, is a 'JR' but wasn't the first-born son, and enjoys making big cross-country or state moves. Why? Because they always spur on big changes in his life and help him see things from a new perspective. 

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with Eddie on LinkedIn.