Courtney Chumley

Customer Success Specialist - South

Courtney is the District Chief of EMS for Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department. It was at this department in Houston, TX, where she first met Pulsara. Their eyes locked from across the room. It was love at first sight. And now? She also serves as a Regional Client Development Specialist on the Pulsara Team!

And, you see why Pulsara loves Courtney:
Daily runner.
Regular beach goer.
Home Chef Extraordinaire.
Extreme Thermophile.
Connect 4 Genius.
Mother to 3 amazing, talented, resilient, straight-A kiddos.
Dog mom x 2.

Courtney's calling in life is to help give more time back to families and their loved ones who otherwise may not have survived a time sensitive emergency. Courtney believes Pulsara is the first ground breaking technology that brings teams together to help give that time back while allowing clinicians to work more efficiently.

It's no wonder some say Courtney and Pulsara are a power couple.

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Courtney on LinkedIn.