Chris Morrison


Alternative Title: Vice President of All the Fun Things in the Rockies 

His Past (Professional) Lives: Chris fell in love with the Rockies during family vacations from his hometown of Rockville, MD to Yellowstone and the surrounding areas. It was during these trips that Chris knew he'd have to make the west his home someday. When the time came to head to college, Chris made the trek back to the Rockies, where he graduated with his Bachelor's degree and Master's degree in Accounting from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Chris has since worked in various industries in the Finance and Accounting world, holding positions ranging from auditor to consultant to business owner, and now Controller with Pulsara. 

Why He Chose Pulsara: Chris is excited to join a smart technology company that's serving, improving, and changing the healthcare industry. Bonus points for being based in the awesome destination of Bozeman, MT. 

Where You Can Find Him: When he's not cooking and eating with friends and family, Chris can be found getting his adrenaline pumping while whitewater kayaking/rafting, biking down the mountains surrounding Bozeman, and skiing those same mountains during the winter months. 

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn.