Bobbi Bridgeman

Test Engineer

Alternative title: Chief Brownie Baker and Recipe Perfecter

Why you want to be her friend:  Aside from her baking skills, Bobbi is also a talented longarm quilter and pattern designer, and she even started her own quilting company! Perfect for keeping snuggly during these cold Montana winters. 

How she got here: Before Pulsara, Bobbi served as a Quality Assurance Analyst and Business Analyst at Zoot Enterprises. Bobbi has also worked as an Outdoor Youth Adventures Counselor and Nordic Ski Instructor.

Superpower: Math! Bobbi has a Bachelor's degree in math, and was recently a math Professor at the Gallatin College. 

Bobbi's unfair advantage:  Her technical skills and love of design combine to make her a stellar Test Engineer. No bugs are getting past this gal!

Favorite Pulsara value:  Grit

At Pulsara, we believe It’s About People. Connect with Bobbi on LinkedIn.