Betony Martin

Customer Success Specialist - West

Alternative Title: Vice President of Punk Rocking and Servant Leadership 

Her Past (Professional) Lives: Betony (Bet) has worked in emergency medicine for over 12 years, working her way up from unit secretary to assistant nurse manager. She has a strong passion to facilitate safe and efficient care of her patients while focusing on caring for the people she serves. 

Why She Chose Pulsara: Bet is no stranger to the pitfalls the current state of communication creates for healthcare teams - both inside and outside of the organization. She has seen first hand the issues care teams face when using pagers that don't work, fax machines that delay treatment times for STEMI/stroke patients, and two-way radios that compromise collaboration during disaster management/MCI scenarios. Betony first heard of Pulsara while she was working as an assistant nurse manager at Virginia Mason. During her time there, she became a Pulsara champion, which further fueled her passion to drive change in healthcare and improve care team communications. 

Where You Can Find Her: During her "me time", Betony enjoys CrossFit, relaxing in her sauna, and attending punk rock or comedy shows. She can also be found camping/hiking with her hubby Mike, their two small kiddos Fox and Bernie, and their geriatric Labrador Rainier, and rescued Yakima, WA street dog, Ruby Sue. 

Favorite Pulsara Value: Servant Leadership 

At Pulsara, we believe It's About People. Connect with Betony on LinkedIn.